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Leadership team
Jul 28, 10 12:03 PM
Jul 26, 10 1:59 AM
Ice Cream Cone with a flake and 100s of thousands (no red stuff though)
Jul 17, 10 4:18 AM
Jul 7, 10 2:15 AM
Jul 2, 10 1:43 AM
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Leadership team

Cat_Lady, Jul 28, 10 12:03 PM.
While Scott is away I thought it would be good to bring in a few new officers and generally let the members know who the officers are!  So....we have Foof as Guild Master, Zero as Raid Leader and then Memmon, Beckitt and Sifi as Officers.

The plan will be to have a weekly Guild run to ICC and also to do the weekly raid.  We also hope to have regular runs for the level 70s, of which we have quite a number at present.

If any member has suggestions or gripes about anything, guild wise, please talk to one of the Officers and we will do our best to sort it out.  Also, if you encounter anybody who would be a useful addition to the guild and wish to invite them then please do so but please try to get to know them a bit first as we do preferably want mature individuals with patience and a sense of humour!



bluemoono, Jul 26, 10 1:59 AM.

Anyone that was online last night will know that I handed the guild leadership over to Foof as she was the original officer and I had consulted with her to see if she wanted to do this.

I had been getting very stressed out whilst playing the game and felt I need to take a break from the game and maybe for good. Lots of reasons for this but I don't think I really want to go into them here.

I didn't want to leave the game with no leader in the guild as that sort of puts the guild in a frozen situation as changes can't be made that could be important and just because I don't want to play anymore doesn't make that fair on others.

I cancelled my subs this morning as did Cheryl. 

Oh yeah I have given Foof super admin power on this site so if you want to continue with it you can go into Control Panel and make any changes that you like and demote or kick me from this site I don't mind it's pointless me having the same status tbh

Good luck all with the guild and have fun.

and don't forget

GEAR SCORE = DEATH OF WARCRAFT & breeds life to ELITISM - there are more important things in life

Ice Cream Cone with a flake and 100s of thousands (no red stuff though)

bluemoono, Jul 17, 10 4:18 AM.
Our second look to ICC was a much better affair after last weeks 30% on Marrowgar we downed him relatively easily once we got hang of the fight which should stand us in good stead for further down the line. Lady death Whisperer was a piece of cake relatively afterwards so gratz to all winners of loot on those two.

On to the Loot ship and a few connectivity issues and delays made it a bit tricky as in all honesty we were suffering from tiredness and a lack of tactics.

So we called it there to give us time to get all tactically aware - Capello take note. We'll be back hopefully on Tuesday to clear that and then have a good look at the 4th fight which is trickier.

Thanks all for coming but in future can everyone please log Vent - no idea why Marrowgar decided to kill my vent but we had Nights soon after so it's important everyone is on the same page with tactics. I think mine is OK now btw obviously a Marrowgar debuff doesn't last long.

I'm going to try and recruit another tank or two and another healer ro two as I think these are the areas where we are short - if someone is not available it wil make it hard for us to do the raid so I'll try my best I ahve recruited some recently but then they haven't logged on adn there is little I can do about that I'm open to ideas. I used to have an application form in my old guild but I found people said what they wanted you to hear anyway and it became a bit of a joke and it all seems a bit ridiculous to me anyway to have to fill in a form to play a game for god sake.

We have some nice guildies that don't raid and maybe never will that's fine but I will continue to find raiders as well or at least try please be patient it really isn't easy for every Nighthorn we get we will sadly also get a lunatic druid that things they are better than everyone else and does mad stuff like beg gold from us. These people sadly are prevelant in the game but that is what the remove option is for.

Looking forward to continuing the fight and hangin out with the rest of you.

Over and out Mushy!!!


bluemoono, Jul 7, 10 2:15 AM.
OK great stuff back on track...Onys downed pretty smoothly on the second attempt so on to ToC and Northrend Beasts, Lord Jaraxus downed very nicely. Faction Champs was an Epic struggle but downed on the 2nd attempt with half the group standing well done guys I have always found that a stupidly hard fight with very little success at it.

Many thanks to our guest tank Al who was a great healp and also a pug for Onys from the Teddybears who was obscenley quiet and a pug called Deceon in ToC who had big heals that were kind to us. good point by Deceon don't expect a rez when it is easier to run in.

Plenty of gear for all (except me as usual .../cry) and people would be silly to turn their noses up at  these two raids in future as we can be doing both of these and benefit immensley not just in gear but geting your raiding chops up - fire hurts btw Osi!!

ToC - more time next time and we can make good progress and get that place cleared I think.

Hopefully Mat the Pink dressed one will have a nice holiday as will Rob the battered hilt one too - when those guys get back it's full on for ToC and ICC and to glory!!!!

Good job really enjoyable night raiding and a good laugh on Vent - keep it up 

Oh and when the raid leader says roll - /roll if you need or you are not going to get it!! I was delighted to see no one moaning not even the pugs it was tip top and I think it is important for the guild to look cool in the eyes of others and we managed that - well done!
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